Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Update: How Imad Mughniyyah was killed: New TV versus the Washington Post

Regarding the detailed "story" about the assassination of Imad Mughniyyah which was published in the Washington Post a few weeks ago, New TV aired a detailed report from the scene of the crime in Damascus and it countered the claims of the report in the Post. It said among other things that the explosive was NOT placed in the car of Mughniyyah but was placed in a car parked on the street itself, and it even showed pellets from the explosive on an electric pole.  Between the Post and New TV, of course, I believe New TV.

PS Correction. A comrade alerted me. In fact, Washington Post did indicate that the bomb was planted in a spare tire of a parked car.  But New TV just added that he was NOT leaving a restaurant but was leaving his apartment.