Tuesday, December 30, 2014

When a paper declines and loses appeal and credibility, it resorts to porn and sleaze: the case of An-Nahar in Lebanon

It says: "An-Nahar" readers are now reading this: 1) Details of a horrific crime; 2) how a Kurdish engineer killed a Lebanese couple and set them on fire in Erbil; 3) Here we present naked Angelina Jolie (in pictures); 4) What are the predictions of [fortune teller] Samir Tumb for 2015".  This is what I call serious journalism.  

Here are the most read stories in An-Nahar:

1. Fadi Ibrahim loses his manhood in Damascus.
2. WhatsApp application: the surprise in 2015.
3: In Video: this is what happens during sexual intercourse.
4. Details of the flight from London to Beirut: this is how they evicted him from the plane (An-Nahar exclusive).
5. One of the most famous actors is considering converting to Islam. [a fake story about Liam Neeson].