Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Sam Dagher story in the Wall Street Journal

A comrade sent me this (she does not want to be identified for some reason):  "What surprises me about in this article, other than it is a he said she said kind of report, and although it is not unlikely that the regime killed Asef Shawkat (although one may argue: why would they kill him in the centre of Damascus and with a bunch of other senior officials and look weak at a very critical period of the crisis), what is interesting is that Sam Dagher is trying to downplay Mounaf Tlas as the source of this "theory" maybe because he knows that he lacks any credibility. This article should be titled: Mounaf Tlas thinks or says that the regime killed Asef Shawkat and it would not have had an effect, instead Sam Dagher wants you to think that this is not the opinion of one man but many, on Twitter he says two dozens believe that including his neighbors maybe in addition to walid Jumblat. Also what does he mean by new revelations? Obviously he cannot use new evidence, because he has none, so he thinks revelations makes sense? انو نزل  الوحي على مناف طلاس بعد سنتين "

PS The Arabic says: "So divine revelation descended on Munaf Tlas two years later"?