Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sam Dagher and his scoop: is he backtracking now?

Is he backtracking now?  "Sam Dagher (@samdagher)

12/22/14, 3:19 AM
1/5 Thanks for constructive feedback @MajdArar but actually in story itself I say no concrete evidence & circumstances remain murky #Syria". 

The funny part about this article of his in the WSJ is that it is all based on Saudi, Qatari-controlled Syrian opposition and yet he leaves out this important piece: that every single car bomb and explosion that kill civilians and others has been blamed, in Syrian rebels communiques on the regime itself, even when supporters of the regime are killed. He does not mention that this is a pattern of rebel propaganda all along.  But hey: his theory that Munaf Tlas just remembered the theory which is believed by the highly credible Walid Jumblat is quite credible.