Friday, December 19, 2014

Hugh Naylor: his method of journalism

Would the foreign editor of the Post and Times allow a story about Israel to be attributed to "security officials and people in Israel, as he does here: "according to security officials and people in Lebanon".   He then adds: "has been widely reported in the Lebanese and Arabic media".  But he fails to add that the story only appeared in Saudi and Hariri media, exclusively. No other media reported about it.  But he leaves that out.  [This without me commenting on whether the story in question is true or not, or about what I know about it, but I am merely commenting about his method of documentation).  But this is my favorite part: Naylor says: "Hezbollah refuses to deny or confirm the reports", but then he cites this expert saying: "“Hezbollah’s response to this is very deliberate, and it’s a response that was certainly decided on by the senior leaders, even Hassan Nasrallah himself,” he said." Wait. You just said that Hizbullah had no response, and then cited an expert saying that its response is very deliberate, whatever that means??  Learn journalism from Mr. Naylor.