Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Israeli incitements against the Palestinians

"In Kufr Aqab, a Jerusalem-area town, a group of Israeli settlers stabbed 22-year-old Fadi Jalal Radwan on Tuesday evening. As reported by the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency, Radwan was “attacked and stabbed by four Israelis while walking in the town of Kufr Aqab, his father said. He was stabbed three times in the legs, and once in the back.” Elsewhere, Ibrahim Mahmoud, sixteen years old, was put in the intensive care unit after an Israeli settler shot him with live ammunition “on the outskirts of the Beitin village east of Ramallah,” according to Ma’an. In another incident, Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian school in the village of Urif, eight miles south of Nablus."