Wednesday, November 19, 2014

barbra streisand and sheldon adelson

From Khelil: "I was reading about the 'Friends of the IDF' fundraiser in Los Angeles hosted by Haim Saban and how, among other Hollywood liberals, Barbra Streisand attended. Her attendance did not surprise me, of course, but looking through the photos I thought I spotted her sitting next to Sheldon Adelson and his wife (a fact confirmed in the second photo -  her outfit); when it comes to Israel, Hollywood liberals will openly embrace a far-right, anti-union, casino mogul, and top GOP fundraiser nut to the right of Netanyahu who has publicly called for dropping a nuke in the Iranian desert as a "lesson." There is no ideological division that American Zionist liberals will not overcome, no matter how repugnant and how much an enemy on every domestic cause the other person is, so as to hug together over Israel. "