Monday, November 24, 2014

American liberals and their defense of Israeli racism

There is no issue that can prove the vapidness and falsehood of American liberalism than Israeli racism and their support for it.  Israel was founded on racism and separation and war crimes and yet American liberals resort to fake and tricky methods to justify over and over again their support for Zionism.  They resort to different methods. I have always believed that no matter what Israel does, be it nuclear weapons use, concentration camps, extermination chambers, American liberals and conservatives would not have qualms for it but some liberal Zionists may register mild complaints that such methods may corrupt the "soul" of Israel (that is the kind of Zionism espoused by Leon Wieseltier and Amos Oz among others).  Look at this article. The only criticisms cited are by people who argue that racism is bad for the racists themselves, and not for the victims.