Thursday, October 30, 2014

Walid Jumblat is on Twitter

This has been the big news; that Jumblat has joined Twitter. It has been hilarious.  A friend wrote me yesterday to note the large number of typos and grammatical mistakes in every sentence in English and French (and you thought that this blog needs editing).  What is hilarious because he is big in Lebanon is that he thinks (typical Lebanese syndrome) that he is big everywhere.  He writes messages to Obama and other foreign leaders.  He wrote to Bill Gates but then added his name so that Gates would recognize him.  Gates ignored him so he wrote him again, rather apologetically.  But of all the funny things in his replies and tweets is the expression of admiration for Nasser: one wanted to ask him whether he discussed Nassser with Bush, Rice, and Cheney.  He also freely mocks the bad influence of oil money as if his subservience to Saudi regime is a secret. But the most hilarious part of them all is his exchange with Nadim Shehade (did you know that he was a leftist? I didn't) about the plight of the left. Notice that when they speak of "dictatorships" they only mean one dictator, Bashshar, because they are fans of the Saudi regime and its alliance of dictatorships.

PS For Shehade and Jumblat to discuss matters of the left is like Cheney and Bush discussing matters of Arab nationalism.