Thursday, September 11, 2014

to Western correspondents in Beirut

I have two question for you because all of you, almost without exception, have been peddling those two pearls of wisdom for two years now:
1) You always by way of justification of the rise of Jihadi terrorist groups in Syria invoke this theory: that the regime repressed peaceful protesters and then they immediately grew beards and became Jihadi.  How does that happen? What is the mechanism for that? And why didnt that happen, say, in Bahrain?
2) You argue (all of you) that the radicals Jihadis grew in strength because the US did not arm and finance the "moderate groups": OK. a) But Gulf countries showered them with arms and money? b) how would the US arming of "moderate groups" undermine the Jihadi terrorists? You mean as the money flows they would shave and then chant: we all are moderates now?  Very much like Ahrar Ash-Sham which had Al-Qai`dah ideology but did not announce that publicly in order to receive arms and cash from Gulf and West?