Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Washington Post is wrong: McCain did meet with Syrian opposition sectarian kidnappers

Now, yes, McCain did not meet with Baghdadi (as some in the pro-Syrian regime media are saying), but he did meet with men involved with the sectarian kidnapping of Lebanese Shi`ite pilgrims: "which two days after the meeting claimed that McCain had met with rebels responsible for kidnapping Shiite pilgrims. That story turned out to be false."  And the source of the Post's rebuttal is a silly piece in the Daily Beast which is dead wrong in its characterization of New TV of Lebanon, which is quite reliable on Syrian matters--much more reliable than the Qatari-Hariri-funded Daily Star, which the reporter relied on as the bible of professional journalism. Hilarious.  McCain did not meet with Abu Ibrahim but he met with other men who were involved in kidnapping.