Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One of the ugliest anti-Semites of the 20th century: or how Israel covers up the anti-Semitism of the House of Saud

I found this in my archives: from the Egyptian weekly, Al-Musawwar, August 4th, 1972.  In this interview with King Faysal of Saudi Arabia, he says:  "And Israel has sinister intentions from ancient times, aiming at the destruction of all other religions.  It has been proven from history that they ignited the Crusades war during the time of Saladin* so that this war would weaken Muslims and Christians alike, and they consider other religions lower from their religion and their people lower than their levels.  And for the purpose of vindictiveness and vengeance, they have a special day where they mix the blood of non-Jews with bread and eat it...And this happened two years ago when I was visiting Paris after the police found five dead children and their blood was spilled and it has been revealed that some Jews killed them to use take their blood and to mix it with bread which they eat on that day.  This tells you the extent of their hate and vindictiveness against non-Jewish people."

*This ignorant fool thought that the crusades started in the era of Saladin.
PS How come there is not a single book in English or French about the anti-Semitism of King Faysal when there are tons of books on the one meeting between Hajj Amin and Hitler, when the former never uttered such ugly words like those of King Faysal?  And King `Abdul-`Aziz was a huge fan of Hitler although his British masters prevented him from declaring an alliance with him.