Saturday, September 20, 2014

My review of the IPhone

My review of the new IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus. I went to the store yesterday to inspect the new IPhone (my contract does not expire until early November: for those who are outside the US, we can get the IPhone at much lower prices here in the US once we sign a two-year contract with a phone service provider).  The woman at the store told me that there were people who camped outside the store from 2:00AM just to get the first look at the new IPhone.  When I was there in the afternoon, it was not very crowded.  When you see the IPhone 6 Plus: one thing will strike you: it is very big, and I mean very big.  It indeed feels like a mini tablet.  A colleague told me about someone who confused the IPad mini with the 6 plus and tried to make a call on it.  I like the fact that the IPhone is very thin and the design is very pretty and I like the round edges. But the protruding back camera seems a flaw of design.  I don't know why that was necessary, technically speaking.  The resolution of both IPhones was spectacular.  The vividness of the color is better than real colors, I felt. You do notice the better picture resolution for sure.  The problem with IPhone 6 Plus, however, that there is a real danger of slippage in one's hand.  There is little friction and the way it fits in one's hand makes is easy to slip and fall.  For that, I think that one certainly needs a good sturdy case for it (that applies but to a lesser degree to the IPhone 6.  Despite all that, I am leaning towards the IPhone 6 Plus.  I like the big size.  Pictures below.