Monday, September 29, 2014

Israel's James Bond

This pathetic tribute to an Israeli murderer in the New York Times is not out of the ordinary given the record of the paper but this is rather ironic:
"Mr. Harari’s precise relationship to General Noriega was the subject of much speculation...But in a calamitous error in July 1973, members of Mr. Harari’s team who had traveled to Norway in pursuit of the terrorists mistook an innocent Moroccan there for a Black September leader, Ali Hassan Salameh, and gunned him down as he walked with his wife on a street in the city of Lillehammer.   Mr. Harari escaped from Norway, but six Israelis were arrested there and charged with complicity in the killing... Mr. Harari participated in the planning and execution of Operation Entebbe...Three hostages died during the operation, along with 20 Ugandan soldiers and the commander of the Israeli troops."  James Bond my...potato.