Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Arab public opinion and US bombing of Syria

The Washington Post: "At least on the first day of bombing, there was little public backlash, with virtually no outcry beyond a pro-Islamic State protest in Istanbul." 1) You can't blame them because they take the media of Saudi princes as representative of Arab public opinion. 2) Judging by street protests is not a measure: every Arab "partner" in the war bans protests against the government. 3) Look at social media and you may see the backlash since the first day of the bombing. 4) here is what Yasin Hajj Saleh (the key Syrian intellectual of the "revolution"--a man with whom I sparred in the past): "The despicable are bombing the despicable with the participation of the despicable and collusion of the despicable for despicable purposes, and from all this despicable [behavior] nothing will come out except that which is despicable" (he wrote this on Facebook yesterday--I know, he is known to write vulgarly and this is better than usual).  This should give you a glimpse of Arab public opinion but I know: the job of US media is to give the US wars support and to assume that Arab potentates speak for Arab youths everywhere.