Friday, June 20, 2014

Did the Syrian government threaten to "attack" humanitarian convoys in Syria? Let us ask Anne Barnard.

I was reading on Twitter and read this: "Anne Barnard  Syria govt warns UN that cross-border aid delivery w/o consent = an attack, ie it would have right to attack convoys.".  She provided a link to the Reuters story in which this is stated: "Syria's government warned the U.N. Security Council that delivering humanitarian aid across its borders into rebel-held areas without its consent would amount to an attack, suggesting it would have the right to retaliate against convoys."  So this "suggestion" is purely an invention of Reuters and Ms. Barnard was more than pleased to post it and to add her own interpretation "i.e." which reinforces the fabrication by Reuters.  You can read my brief exchange with her on the matter.  What does this prove? It proves that if the US is at odds or war with any government, American journalists are licensed to fabricate whatever makes the enemy government look worse even if at the expense of truth, facts, and evidence.