Friday, May 30, 2014

Where does the New York Times get its native opinion writers from?

From Joseph:  "Where does the Times find Latin Americans to write op-eds like this?  Enrique Krauze impressed the white man by calling for Mexico's oil to be privatized.  The guy who wrote the editorial about Gabriel García Márquez, Enrique Krauze, gets even more right wing when he's writing in Spanish.  Here's his article eulogizing the Mexican cement oligarch, Lorenzo Zambrano.  He claims Zambrano earned his wealth by the sweat of his brow and he uses really gross religious language to justify his wealth.  This is the equivalent of saying Carlos Slim is a self-made man who earned his fortune.  His writing reminds me a lot of oil and gas kingdom regime media.

In reality, Zambrano's wealth was passed down from his great uncle, Francisco Madero, the wealthy right winger who hijacked the Mexican Revolution.  The company he inherited from his great uncle, Cemex, has a monopoly on cement production in Mexico, a fact which is even admitted by the US Embassy in Mexico.

So, the Times purposefully selects Latin Americans who identify with the traditional white right wing power structure, a group which has controlled Latin America since the Spanish and Portuguese conquests.  The people who are vilified in the Times are those like Castro, Chavez, Morales and Correa; who have threatened the power of this institutionalized oligarchic elite."