Thursday, May 29, 2014

Where does the New York Times find those natives from the around the world?

I used to think that those agreeable and docile Arab natives are of the Zionist search for stooges but this search seems to be universal in the paper's coverage.  Look at this guy for example:  "But for me and many other Latin-Americans, his undeniable literary achievement has been overshadowed by a moral failing: his long, intimate friendship with Fidel Castro and (far more important) his unflinching acceptance of the worst abuses of the Cuban regime."  I mean, who in Latin-America was ever bothered by the friendship between García Márquez and Castro except you and few other right-wing loons? Who?  If anything, his friendship with Castro added to his aura, and did not diminish from it.  The New York Times editorial page the product of a universal search to find natives from the around the globe who can sound like mainstream American journalists.