Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sleaze: the last refuge of a falling newspaper (An-Nahar of Lebanon)

  I have been telling you that about the dramatic decline and demise of An-Nahar, which used to be the leading Lebanese daily despite it right-wing, sectarian Christian and racist ideology.  Now, to attract viewers to its website, it specializes in sleaze.  These are the top most read items on its site (according to its own tabulation): "1) Maryam who is accused of adultery and apostasy awaits the death sentence after delivering her baby. 2) A controversial rape. 3) This is how George Clooney pampers his fiance, Amal Alamuddin (in pictures). 4) The daughter of Bruce Lee and Demi Moore shops topless.  5) The legs of Kate Middleton angers the Queen of England."  Now you know why Gulf oil sheiks have been funding the paper.

PS Michele alerted me that I wrote Bruce Lee instead of Bruce Willis.