Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Prince Turki on Bin Laden and the plot against the Marxist South Yemen government

"BLITZER: And you're one of the few leaders who's actually met Osama bin Laden.

AL-FAISAL: I did. I met him when, if you like, he was a good guy. This was --

BLITZER: This was in the '80s?

AL-FAISAL: In the mid-'80s when we were all fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan.

BLITZER: And did you continue having a relationship with him in the '90s?

AL-FAISAL: The last time I saw him was the end of 1989 or the beginning of 1990, when he came to me with a proposal, at that time, that he wanted to bring his army, as he called it, to fight against the communist regime in South Yemen, which later on became united with North Yemen."