Friday, May 30, 2014

Liz Sly who by far deserves the label of the worst foreign correspondent covering Syria and the most propagandistic, stumbles on yet another theory as to why Syrians in Lebanon voted in such large number

"The large turnout here was spurred in part by a widespread rumor that those who do not vote will not be allowed to return home".  So it was merely the rumor that spurred tens of thousands to line up for two long days under a burning sun.  The rumor.  When I read this yesterday, I thought to myself: how would I treat a college paper by a student with such methods of documentation? How did such writers make it into college?  But worse: she then reverses herself with this: "Many of the voters were diehard Assad supporters who showed up in convoys, honking horns, waving the president’s picture and shouting slogans. “Our blood, our souls, we pledge to you, Bashar,” chanted a knot of men as they climbed the last stretch of hill leading to the embassy."  Wait. So if they were diehard Assad supporters why would they need to be instigated by the rumor?