Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lies, ignorance, misinformation, and fabrication of Israeli media: the burning of the replica of Merkava in Sidon, Lebanon

The Israeli tank on fire in Sidon First, look how this Israeli paper bills the story: "Hezbollah destroys mock Merkava on withdrawal anniversary" when Hizbullah had nothing to do with the affairs. Comrades from the Marxist-Leninist Popular Democratic Party (a small local party) worked on the replica for months.  Then the experts on the Middle East at the Israeli media went to work: they had to offer what they know about the "Popular Democratic Party", here is the account: "more than 25 members of one of Lebanon's most popular political parties".  Ha ha ha ha.  The Israeli Arabists heard the word "popular" in the name of the very small (tiny, in fact) party, and assumed that it is popular as in popular.  So they billed the tiny party as "one of the most popular parties" in Lebanon.  How dumb and how ignorant are Israeli experts on the Arab world?