Sunday, May 25, 2014

Khalid Mish`al pays tribute to Bashshar Al-Asad

I wrote in Arabic before that Khalid Mish`al is the Walid Jumblat of Palestine, that he can't be believed in anything he says.  He was not sincere when he implied--merely implied--that his movement was in support of the Syrian armed revolt, and he is not sincere when he now says that he is grateful to Syria and Iran.  This is a man who is desperate for a role and for a political cover. Now that he no more calculates that the Syrian regime is about to fall next week, he wants to ingratiate himself with that regime.  This is a man who does not care one bit if the Syrian people or any other Arab people is repressed by a tyrant as long as he receives support for his lousy leadership.  This is a man who can't dig himself out of the hole that he has placed himself in ever since he thought that the Muslim Brotherhood will be sweeping the entire region.