Monday, May 19, 2014

Israeli mission at the UN

From a source from the UN:  "Two weeks ago was Israel's independence day, and the Israeli mission to the UN in New York invited diplomats and UN staff to celebrate.
As a give-away, the mission gave out SodaStream kits - the settlement product that made somewhat of an uproar after Scarlett Johansson became the company's image.
I find it difficult to believe: at an official ceremony, the mission gives out a product made in an illegal settlement to a crowd of UN staff, who are supposed to uphold international law.  The mission is in effect saying: "I don't care about your laws and what you say you stand for, because you don't even care and secretly like it".
It's as if some people are like the kids who want to be friends with the class bully: although he/she is scaring everyone, you'd rather be on their side because they're stronger, live on edge and like to provoke.
I admit I don't know how many actually took the kit, but I continue to be amazed by new heights of audacity and insolence by this mission...
Feel free to share (until here only please) and by mentioning "a source from the UN". "