Sunday, April 27, 2014

March 14 democracy rhetoric of democracy

This is a letter from Marwan Hamadi (a figure from March 14 leadership in Lebanon) to the Saudi king on the anniversary of his Bay`ah: "I present to your majesty hearty congratulations and blessings, and the most sublime of sentiments of appreciation on the ninth anniversary of your receiving acclamation as king over the hearts of the Saudi people; leader toward reform, modernization, progress, and prosperity.  A few years full of accomplishments at the level of the kingdom from the development and social point of view, as well as the Arab and Islamic levels.  The kingdom has become due to your wise and well-guided leadership one of the most prominent players in international politics.  And in the whole nine years, you have not forgotten about the Lebanon and its people who are loving of the kingdom, its leadership, and people, and your white prints have become a firm headline in the memory of the Lebanese people and their hearts." Verbatim.  Things like that made me the Angry Arab that I am.