Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Liz Sly in military fatique: another Syrian militia man is--yet again--found to be the real savior of the Syrian "revolution": and what Liz Sly does not tell you about Hazm Movement

I am accustomed to Liz Sly's pure crude and blatant propaganda on behalf of the Syrian rebel groups in the Washington Post and on Twitter but this by far is the worst piece I have seen (or the best if you have that militia that she is promoting).  Only recently David Ignatius told us that Jamal Ma`ruf is the real savior of the "revolution" and now a new name and a new organization. For a start, it would be nice if Liz Sly knows Arabic so that she won't translate the very name of the militia:  " Harakat Hazm — or Movement of Steadfastnes".  Hazm is not steadfastness (which is Sumud in Arabic) but it means either determination or firmness or resolve.  This for a starter.  Then she wants the readers to say that he is a democrat because he says so: "His resolutely on-message proclamations of support for democracy match the views that the United States has said it wishes more Syrian rebel fighters would embrace.   “I want a democratic state that rules over all Syria with equality and freedom for all citizens, free of fascism and dictatorship,” he said in an interview."  But nowhere in the propaganda piece does she mention that the group is formed of units and battalions that are not secular in the least.  As I was about to post this, "Mantiq Al-Tayr" sent me this about the same piece:  "It’s nothing but a PR campaign for this organization.  On the link above is a link to their sort of coming out statement on youtube.   The very opening lines of the statement are from Quran 9:36 - a verse often quoted by al-Qa’ida types and which makes it clear that they are engaged in a sectarian campaign.  The verse is deliberately mistranslated and you can see as soon as you click on the video.  The video link is here:So this group is said to have broken off from that of Jamaal Ma’rouf. "

PS Notice in the video of the `Azm Movement there is none other than the old-new Gen. Doctor Engineer Lawyer, Salim Idriss, with the hair dyed fresh.