Wednesday, February 26, 2014

AUB scandal and the statement by the president

The statement by the president of AUB about the data theft scandal is quite deceptive and dishonest.  There were IT people who were forced out of the university for discovering the data theft and the matter is much bigger than the lame statement. The president would have been quite happy to keep the story under wrap especially as he reversed himself (to put it mildly) and did not want to release the committee report after having promised to release it. He only released after Al-Akhbar published a story on the matter. His statement makes the entire affair purely technical when it is rather political and possibly espionage by a foreign country (take your guess here):  one of my sources summarize it for me:  "The whole thing was orchestrated to take the data on a particular date to Cyprus to hand it to a specific party in Cyprus. I think the top two IT executives CIO and ACIO have proof of this."  None of that is mentioned in the statement to the community.  There will be more coming out and my sources tell me that the US embassy in Beirut is (allegedly) intimately involved in the cover up and the management of the affair.