Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Abu Khalid As-Suri: the Bin Ladenite with whom the US governmnet can do business with

This is the picture of Abu Khalid As-Suri, comrade of Usamah bin Ladin, `Abdullah `Azzam, and Ayman Adh-Dhawahiri, who was assassinated two days ago.  Dhawhiri offically tasked him to resolve the dispute between Nusrah Front and ISIS.  I noticed in the Western press they mentioned that he is the leader of Ahrar Ash-Sham without mentioning that it is a major constituent element of the Islamic Front, which the US has been elevating in status and treating as a moderate Islamist organization.  There is even discussion of opening official talks between the US government and the Islamic Front, heavily favored by the Saudi regime.