Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A message from a Ukrainian colleague/comrade

A comrade/colleague from the Ukraine (she does not want to be identified), wrote this on her Facebook page (I cite with her permission):
"I wish useless co-opted US media would stop commenting on events in Ukraine, it is completely silencing that the struggle is not just for the rule of law, political rights, and transparent courts, but also for fair and just distribution of resources, for fair economy, against oligarchs and wealth concentration. And shut the fuck up already, American government with your bloody hands, nobody cares what you have to say, you cannot possibly understand or care about the plight of ordinary people who want to have a decent life for their families, decent salaries, pensions, free education, cheap food, be able to cross borders freely; you can’t take care even of your own fucking people, you just want to install a government in Ukraine that will be giving you blow jobs every day. Go to hell. And arrogant Kremlin with their non-recognition of Ukraine’s revolution; you are not the coolest kid on the block who owns neighboring blocks, you are just a pathetic bully with no moral pedigree other than force and showdowns, at least for once in history act humane and give a salute to people when they are trying to stand up from their knees. And I wish idiotic Ukrainian nationalists would stop spitting on the Soviet Union and pissing on Lenin statues and Moscow, Lenin is fucking dead already, let it go, ok, and Soviet Union does not exist; live in the present; you want to be relevant and consistent, piss on a dollar bill, Adam Smith or Obama’s statue, criticize idols of greed and profit; you found a freaking ghost, easy target from the past and acting all righteous and rebellious - ridiculous. And World Socialist Website nearly shedding tears over poor tiny Yanukovich, then whining how Ukraine’s revolution is a Western imperialist conspiracy helped by Ukrainian fascists and the right wing, that it is ALL there is to it - so, do you just only care about saying anything and distorting as long as it makes the West look bad, missing the tragedy and complexity of everything that is happening in that country and its people?"