Sunday, January 26, 2014

Providing context for Israeli murder of Palestinians to justify the murder

The job of the foreign editor of American newspapers is partly to insert "context" for every case of Israeli murder of Palestinians in order to justify the murder.  Look at this story:
The story:  "Palestinian officials said that the Israeli military killed a 20-year-old Gaza man and wounded".
The context: 1) "A spokeswoman for the Israeli military, speaking on the condition of anonymity according to protocol, said that a single shot was fired in each location, after soldiers had used crowd-dispersal techniques, including firing warning shots. She said the Palestinians had “damaged the fence, hurled rocks and rolled burning tires at the soldiers at the scene.” "
                          2) "The shootings capped a week of escalating border violence ".
                          3 ) "There have been several instances of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel over the past two weeks, at one point causing some school cancellations in southern Israel."
                           4) "Avi Issacharoff, an Israeli journalist who specializes in security issues, wrote on the website of The Times of Israel on Friday that smaller militant groups in Gaza have been taking advantage of Hamas’s weakness".