Monday, December 30, 2013

The campaign against me: my response

Ever since I started writing for Al-Akhbar against their idols and icons, they started a vicious campaign against me, just as the American Zionists launched campaigns against me ever since I launched my blog, or even ever since I opened my mouth as a student here against Zionism and US foreign policy and war.  The Saudi government did not ever dared to try to bribe me directly--they don't dare.  They however have tried repeatedly--I can reveal this here--to bribe the paper in which I write.  The Saudi Minister of Justice, `Abdul-`Aziz Al-Khujah, offered millions to Al-Akhbar to shut me up, but he failed.  They want to destroy me physically and morally.  Fat chance, whether here or there.  You, o worshipers of money and generous governments, in the span of one year alone, you accused me of being a paid propagandist for the Iranian regime and Hizbullah and for the Syrian regime, and now you have moved to accuse me of being a CIA agent--all that in one year, and only because my writings against puppets of Saudi Arabia in Syria and Lebanon is unrelenting.  More than a year ago, Walid Phares and other Zionist here, launched a campaign in which I was accused of serving the Iranian regime and Hizbullah.  That campaign aimed at endangering me here, just as your campaign wants to endanger me.  What? You want to deny the accusation? You want me to deny that I was ever a spy or an agent, I who never wrote one unfree word in my life?  Of course, I never ever was an employee, or an agent or "a functionary" or an informant or a doorman (the person in the Syrian exile opposition who instigated this campaign first claimed that I was a CIA spy, but when probably he was alerted that spies of the CIA work and live overseas, he changed his tune and claimed in a published article in the yellow journalism of oil that I was a doorman--notice the class hostility in the accusation--at the CIA.  I never ever was employed by any intelligence agency in the world, and my writings--unlike yours--never ever was submitted to any authority for approval--and it shows.  To those in the Syrian opposition who participated in this campaign, I say: when your own leaders were delivering lectures at the Asad Library in Damascus, I refused such invitations that I received before the beginning of the Syrian uprising and the Syrian conflict.  I have too much respect for the sentiments of the Syrian people and for the plight of the prisoners to accept.  I told those who called me from the Ministry of Information that I categorically reject the invitation--full expenses paid.  They then tried to invite me in the name of some "civil society" organization with ties to the regime.  I refused.  As for my life in Washington, DC, my life there was no secret.  I did not live in a cave. There are many people who were part of my social circle and they know that the only job I held there before obtaining my PhD was doing research work for the Institute for Palestine Studies in DC.  During my student days, I once lived only on Za`tar sandwiches for lack of funds, and because I did not want to request the assistance of my parents.  A childhood friend (he knows who he is) once visited me and saw the life I was living and against my wishes sent me a check.  You want to lecture me about integrity and ethics, you who follow the worst and most corrupt governments on earth? You who live on the margins of the entourage of princes?  I resolve that I will remain a thorn in your eye and a bitter taste in your mouth forever.  I will be like a whip on your backs--nay on the back of the princes who order you.  And the irony is that this accusation comes from those--unlike me--who are advocates of US wars and policies in the region. It is more than an irony for sure.  What do you want? To compare bank account? To reveal our incomes and its sources publicly? I am all for it. I can easily reveal all that I own, but you would not dare.  I purchases my house here over a 30 year period so that I can afford the monthly mortgage payments, not over 15 years like most people do. And I still have years before I own it, although it is a cheap house in a cheap housing market in the non-fancy town of Modesto, California.  I bought my car seven years ago and over a five-year period.  The Polo clothes that you see me wear on TV are all gifts from my late brother, Maher.  He would even buy me socks and underwear.  I did not pay for those clothes.  I own one New Balance shoe at a time, and I change it once a year.  The last time I bought clothes for myself was some four years ago.  Money does not mean to me.  My lifetime savings are so meager that they won't be enough to buy an old car with three tires, not four.  In my checking account, there is now some $200.  I have lived in the US for 30 years, and I never employed a servant. I clean my own house myself: I go on my hands and knees and clean and wipe and dry and sweep (along with whomever shares my life at that point).  When I was in Doha back 2003 to tape a show for Aljazeera, I did accept a visit from the Emir. But what you don't know is that I called Aljazeera management before the visit and told them that I will not accept any gift from the Emir, whether in the form of a fancy watch or an envelope of cash.  I told them that if he tries, I will toss in his face.  And when the Emir asked me about my work on a book on Saudi Arabia, he offered "assistance" in translations and distribution. I told him: thank you, but if you can assist the children of Palestine.  They need assistance.  One of them made me a spy last week and a doorman at the CIA the next and speculated that I was a receptionist there--I who never wore a tie in his life.  Zionists here make me a propagandist for Iran and Hizbullah and the Hariri and Saudi media went along with that.  Take this challenge from me about your accusation: I say here in classical English that the CIA and other US intelligence agencies commit crimes around the world. Take this challenge.  I accuse you of absolute subservience and loyalty to all the government agencies of the Saudi government.  I defy you to say that Saudi intelligence commit crimes, or that it makes mistakes or that it has lapses of judgment. I defy you.  You would not dare. And who is the free now? Who is the free operator? Who is the one beholden to a foreign government? How dare you.  Read my last week's article in Al-Akhbar about the Kalashnikov: does it reflect the views of the US government, you fools?  I speak on behalf of the US government when I post my praises for George Habash?  I have lived here for 30 years, try to find one word by me in praise of the US government, any government.  One word.  I propagandize for any government, or an intelligence agency?  I read one word by you and guess the identify of the funder.  One word or even just the headline.  You who sneeze and cry and laugh and weep by an order from an aide in the entourage of the prince or the Hariri family.  The extent of the freedom of the individual is reflected in the content of his writings.  I woke up daily and write against the crimes of US wars and foreign policies.  You think the US government is tolerant to that extent that it would allow such a degree of freedom from people in its employ? This is part of your ignorance.  The US would not allow a person on its payroll to criticize even mildly the government.  Poor Alberto Fernandez one made one mild criticism of the US on Aljazeera, and he was exiled to a US consulate in the wilderness in the Sudan.  I call daily for the full liberation of Palestine and support the right of the Palestinian people to engage in armed struggle among other forms of struggle against Israeli terrorism and occupation, and you think that the US government sponsors that? Really?  The Three Stooges are far more wise than you are and far more knowledgeable than you are.  Name me one regime that you accuse me of being a servant of, so that I can call for its overthrow, and name me one intelligence agency of the US that you accuse me of being in the employ of so that I can accuse it of committing crimes. I have more freedoms that you ever will dream of.  Search the internet and you shall find that my words are consistent, in Arabic and in English.  I say the same words in Arabic and English.  I give lectures all over the US, and I have lectured in Washington, DC numerous times at think tanks, and research centers and universities.  And some of my audience members were members of US Congress and senior representative of government agencies.  And my message would be the same.  I am one who Zionists leave the audience when it is my turn to speak and you think that someone in the US government sponsors me?   I have never sued anyone in my life but after thinking about it, I will make an exception especially that the attacks this time were directed against my own sister--a woman who devoted her life to the Palestinian cause and to serving the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon.  I will now sue, in Washington, DC and in Beirut.  There is a clear campaign of distortions, fabrications and lies.  But I don't have the financial means.  If there is a wealthy benefactor out there, or more than one (but only if you are somebody who can spare money to assist), who are willing to assist me in this endeavor please email me privately.  I want to establish a defense fund.  I know that money is not a problem for you, you who get funding from oil princes and sheikhs.  And if it is proven that the US government is involved in dirty tricks against me, I shall sue the US government as well.  Lastly, I say that I am free against your will, and I shall remain free.  Don't take my word for it, let the readers decide who is the free one here.  Read me in Arabic and English and decide. Detect if there is a trace of a foreign government.  You are humiliated and despised, and you know it.  The rest of my comments will be in court.