Friday, December 06, 2013

And now a word on the "secular" (read sponsored by Bandar bin Sultan, these days) branch of the Syrian "revolution": the case of Suhayr Al-Atasi

I have been receiving information as of late about rising corruption regarding the management office of Suhayr Al-Atasi.  It is funny that early on in the Syrian "revolution", when groupies of the "revolution" in the West were still insisting that the "revolution" was entirely secular and that Islamists had no role whatsoever in its affairs, the name of Suhayr Al-Atasi was always invoked as "the real leader" of the "revolution". Well, after mounting criticisms of corruption by her, Ms. Atasi has resigned after petition against her was circulated.  Let me reiterate: I know of no opposition movement--not even the Ba`th--which has committed more war crimes, thuggery, kidnapping, torture, subservience to foreign intelligence services, deception, religious bigotry BEFORE reaching power than this Syrian exile opposition.  It is even worse than the Ahmad Shalabi's "revolution" and I thought the man was the inspiration for the Syrian "revolution" in exile.