Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The US versus the world on Palestine

From Ali: "The UN has named 2014 as the ‘Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The resolution was adopted by the majority of member-states with 110 voting in favor, 7 opposed and 54 abstaining. Who are these 7 states?

- Israel, US, Australia, Canada, Palau, Marshal Islands and Micronesia...

You remember western media outlets have been repeating the same rhetoric: "China and Russia are isolated in international arena because of their stance in Syria" So I decide to check if western media outlets say the same for Israel and United States... But there is not a single about the isolation, as you guess. May be they think, Micronesia, Marshal Islands and Palau are the leading countries in international arena.

By the way,they also forget to mention "US is a long term ally of Israel". You know, they like to link the Russian stance with Tartous base..."