Friday, November 29, 2013

J`accuse: pogroms against Alawites in Tripoli, Lebanon

It is high time that we yell J'accuse against all those fake liberals and the NGOs which uses the lofty ideals only to pass the agenda of the EU and the US in the Middle East region.  Most guilty in this regard is the Human Rights Watch office in Beirut (because it has an office there and which issues daily bulletin of crocodile tears about the Syrian people but only if the tears are in sync with the agenda of the US and the Fee Syrian Army--the branch which appears to the reader as if it takes its marching orders from the directives of the Hariri press office has become a virtual press office for the Fee Syrian Army).  Are you aware that for the last two years, crimes have been committed against innocent `Alawites in Tripoli and not a single article about that in the Western press and not a single statement by Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International?  The entire community has been demonized.  Are you aware that not a single article in the press dared to tell the story of the clashes between Jabal Muhsin and Bab Tubbanah? The `Alawite are a mere 5% of the population and they have been subjected to a merciless campaign of bombardment and shelling by the thugs of Salfis in Tripoli (who are run by the March 14 figure, Ashraf Rifi).  All shops belonging to `Alawites in Tripoli have been set on fire, and whole `Alawite families who reside in Tripoli have been evicted from their homes by the thugs of Saudi intelligence in the city.  Not a word about all that in the Western press or in the statements by Western NGOs and human rights organization. And in the last few weeks there has been a new sport introduced in Tripoli: they search for Alawites (and they even stop buses and vans to request evidence of sectarian affiliation) and then the `Alawites are set aside and their legs shot at.  This has happened repeatedly.  Just yesterday, four innocent `Alawites have been shot at.  This week, a car of an `Alawite man broke down in Tripoli, and the Salafit thugs ran after him to kill him on the spot, and when he fled for his life into Jabah Mohsin, they set his car on fire.