Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Iranian plots against American, Saudi, and Israeli interests

Whatever happened to that plot that Israel claimed: about an Iranian living in the West who was recruited by Quds Force to seek to bomb the American embassy in Israel (I guess because American embassies in Malaysia or Turkmenistan are more difficult targets)?  And whatever happened to the plot by the Texas car salesman who was recruited by the Quds Force to recruit a drug dealer to target the Saudi ambassador at a Chinese restaurant in Washington, DC?  Do you want to bet that both Saudi Arabia and Israel will this week or next discover and uncover nefarious plots by the Quds Force in those countries (one of which is occupied)?  I won't be surprised if Saudi and Israeli intelligence uncover a plot this week according to which Iranian intelligence sought to occupy the US.   Western media did not cover and did not mock a claim made by Netanyahu in the last few weeks according to which Iran was seeking to send missiles into the US territory.