Monday, November 11, 2013

Goldhagen: the Successor to Abe Foxman in Zionist propaganda apparatus

"It is also true that Goldhagen stacks the deck. Should we really apply the label “eliminationist anti-Semite” in the same way to members of a German extermination squad during World War II and people merely expressing opinions, such as a British woman wishing to a friend that Israel would disappear? If wishes were murder, the world would not be populous." The reviewer is as biased as Goldhagen.  Notice that the wish for the Israeli state (in terms of the Zionist colonialist structures) to disappear is presented as a genocidal intention.  How come the wishes for the apartheid South African state to disappear was not treated as a genocidal wish by American liberals?

PS Can you imagine Harvard hiring a propagandist with the "methodology" of Goldhagen if he was not a propagandist for Israel?