Friday, November 22, 2013

Egyptian revolutionaries

From comrade Zaid:  "this video is a demonstration by egyptian revolutionaries on the second anniversary of the massacre that took place in November 2011 in Mohamed Mahmoud Street, which is just off Tahrir Square and on the way to the Ministry of Interior.  At that time, in November 2011, the revolutionaries had confronted the police after a series of abuses and provocations that took place throughout 2011.  The fighting took place over a period of days; dozens of protesters were killed and hundreds were injured.  After the changes that took place during the summer of 2013, it has been very difficult for revolutionaries to gather enough momentum to put on a show of force.  The second anniversary of the massacre that took place in november 2011 in mohamed mahmoud street was the first occasion in which the revolutionaries took to the streets in significant numbers since the summer of 2013.  They destroyed a plaque that the police and the military had erected that day in honour of the people that they had killed two years before, put up banners condemning the military, the police, the MB and the fuloul (the defunct NDP).  In the current climate, this took significant courage - they are a real source of inspiration."