Monday, November 11, 2013

Comments on the Syrian National Coalition "elections"

So the Syrian National Coalition is holding meetings in Istanbul (basically to receive Saudi orders delivered by a messenger from the Saudi intelligence service).  1) So the Saudi, Qatari, Turkish, French, and American intelligence services appointed the members of the coalition and then the members choose from amongst themselves members and they call that "elections" in the Western media.  2) As they were "electing" the members of the provisional Syrian government-in-exile some one in the Western gallery of control noticed that no women were chosen.  Quickly, they asked a woman in the audience to serve as "Minister of the Family".  What will the duties of the Minister of the Family be?  To give recipes to mothers in the Syrian nations and to offer rules and regulations for the management of household chores?  3)  The Western media ignored the story of Ahmad Jarba having a physical fight with the spokesperson of the Fee Syrian Army, Lu'ay Muqdad, and how the former managed to slap the latter, and how the latter called the former a "shabbih".  This is your "revolution", not mine.