Thursday, November 21, 2013

Arab wealth put to a good cause

From Krim: "Boeing took an early lead in the biennial expo, signing up Etihad Airways PJSC for its new 777X wide-body as well as for more 787 Dreamliners. Emirates followed with a purchase of 150 777X valued at about $76 billion, plus an option to buy 50 more. Airbus then confirmed a deal with the largest Middle East airline for 50 A380 super-jumbos valued at $23 billion."

"Etihad, whose transaction with Boeing is valued at $25.2 billion, will become the premiere operator of the Dreamliner, with 71 in total on its order book, and CEO James Hogan ...
Hogan later unveiled a second order, this time with Airbus valued at almost $27 billion, including for 50 A350 wide-body aircraft as well as 36 single-aisle A320 family jetliners"

So, the grand total:

Boeing: $125 billion
Airbus: $50 billion

Imagine that kind of money invested into Arab countries, into infrastructure and education, instead of fueling destructive civil wars in Syria and Iraq, instead of bankrolling that imbecile Saddam, instead of brothels and casinos."