Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yasser Munif

Yesterday, I wrote this post.   A comrade had read this interview and saw that cited passage and was outraged and sent it to me, and I was also outraged to see the pro-Saudi/pro-Qatari armed militias in Syria being compared to Spanish revolutionaries.  In my rush, I did not see that the interview was conducted by Yasser Munif.  While I remain totally opposed to the sentiments of the interviewer in the interview in question, I would not have titled it "leftists for Qatar and Saudi Arabia" because it does not apply to Yasser Munif, of all people.  His father, the famed novelist, `Abdul-Rahman Munif, was stripped of Saudi citizenship, and the family had to deal with ruthless Saudi punishment for the courage of the father.  I also know that the family courageously refused all Saudi offers of reconciliation after the death of `Abdul-Rahman.  Had I known that the interviewer was Yasser, I would not have given it that title and I would have easily apologized to Yasser.  Instead, Yasser chose to impulsively lash out on Facebook and wrote a silly response.