Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Human Rights Watch is "almost pregnant" with the truth

From a comrade who does not want to be named because she/he works for an NGO: "Based on the available evidence, Human Rights Watch finds that Syrian government forces were almost certainly responsible for the August 21 attacks. "

I wish I had time for this, look at the methodology section and then note who the witnesses are: a witness who works for the Zamalka media centre and a witness who works for the Moadamiya media centre (please dont think they are so called activists, they are neutral witnesses who just happened to be there... and who happen to work in media centres, whatever that means, of course Zamalka and Moadamiya are known for their media centers).

Oh and one source of information is Eliot Higgins, known on Twitter as Brown Moses, if you heard of the guy!!!"