Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Israeli dirty hands and FEMEN

"But FEMEN isn’t some hottie-women, feminist, counter-cultural rebel group in Ukraine. Most of them are students recruited from Kiev’s colleges. Some of them are even high school students. None of them are unpaid in their capacity as “activists”. They’re poor young woman who are being paid to play activist by multimillionaires. All their members are strictly forbidden to disclose payments they receive, but according to Ukrainian papers, each student gets around $600-1000 a month, which is a tidy sum for a Ukrainian student. There is a lot of poverty in Ukraine, and I’m not sure whether I feel worse for these women or the idiots in the Western world who have no idea what they’re supporting: poor Eastern European women being paid by a white Israeli man to have Western viewpoints to do neocolonial protests naked…. that’s a whole mess of crazy. " (thanks Ayman)