Monday, August 05, 2013

An Arab who speaks Hebrew? No Way

From a reader:  "Yossi Klein from Haaretz finds an Arab who speaks Hebrew as surprising as a cat speaking English. Not to mention his bigoted attitude towards women wearing hijab.

"Israelis are amazed at Hebrew-speaking Egyptians. They are reporting on the events in Egypt, and surprise us no less than a cat reciting Shakespeare. We are surprised to see an eloquent Egyptian journalist who says sensible things on the Channel 10 news, and ask how it can be that such a woman wears a hijab. We know what a hijab is; we’ve seen women wearing it. We’ve seen them screaming at soldiers in the West...""

PS This reminds me of the time I joined a Hebrew class at the local synagogue in Livermore, California.  The class was not amused at my presence, especially when I once intervened in response to a passing political remark made by the teacher.  I would come to class, and they suddenly all turn quiet.