Saturday, June 22, 2013

World War Z

Mohammed sent me this:  "I just watched this film and I clearly had no idea what I was walking into. It went from being an action film into Zionism pornography an hour into the film.  The film even justifies the Apartheid Wall and the institution of checkpoints which treat people like cattle as saving the world from zombies!  An Israeli Mossad agent clearly explains that all non-zombified humans are welcome to fortress Israel, including Arabs, because "they are fellow humans". (Yet, US soldiers kick out Brad Pitt's family from their only sanctuary.) Constantly Israelis are shown to be willing to do 'what is necessary' when others are not.  This we see in the American discourse surrounding airport security, 'terrorism policy,' foreign negotiations, etc.

The on-screen caption introducing "Jerusalem, Israel" was quite annoying, especially when considering it was a shot of the Dome of the Rock and when locations in Wales and Nova Scotia were shown there was no need to caption which country they were in.

The irony is that the propaganda was so explicit and heavy handed that it will not have their desired effect.  I just thought I should share as I was not expecting this."