Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Human Rights Watch office in Beirut: still protecting the propagnda interests of Hariri family and March 14

Look at this lengthy report about human rights abuses by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces.  1) The word Hariri appears not once in the report and it does not say that this government apparatus is a tool for the Hariri family and for Saudi intelligence.  2) the name Ashraf Rifi, who ran the force for years and still wields influence after his retirement appears not once in the report.  Rifi sat for years on the board of the Prince Nayif University for Security Studies.  3) The report minimizes the extent to which the US government for all intents and purposes runs the forces and provides it (outside of the channels of government or the budget) with money and equipment.  4) In the recommendation of the report, HRW basically wishes for more colonial control over Lebanon.  This ostensibly human rights organization wants the US government and European government to interfere more in Lebanese internal affairs and to control aspects of policy and society.