Saturday, June 29, 2013

How the armed goons of Lebanese Rightist (March 14) MP, Nadim Gemayyel, attacked a feminist gathering in Beirut

From Sean, a former instructor at AUB:  "So last night I was present at what Nadim Gemayel (whose inherited seat in parliament is unconstitutional) is dishonestly calling an attack on his convoy. 

This is what actually happened:
and [Nasawiyya's own account]:
But this is what Gemayel is claiming:
And now I'm making a running collection of all the press accounts, which are either lazy or flat out lying, or both:
Now Lebanon:
L'Orient le Jour
Daily Star:
And the funny thing is that of all the dozens of eye witnesses last night, the media is so far only paying attention to Gemayel's account even though he was one of the only people who wasn't even there. He was too busy finishing his dinner to bother coming outside, while the Jaysh and Darak blocked off the road and waited for him to finish before "saving" him from feminists whom his bodyguards had threatened with guns. He claims they were attacked with tomatoes. Ya reit. I didn't see a single one, but there aren't enough tomatoes in the world for what this guy deserves."