Thursday, June 27, 2013

Further evidence of the moral bankruptcy of Human Rights Watch

Here is a report by Human Rights Watch about the lynching of Shi`ites in Egypt.  1) Do you think that Human Rights Watch would have had the same lukewarm reaction if the victims were Jewish? 2) Notice that the the report makes no mention of the Saudi and Qatari roles in sponsoring the Islamist groups in Egypt, especially that the Salafite discourse against Shi`ites is imported wholesale from Saudi Wahhabi clerics and that the House of Saud government funds those Salafis.  Imagine if a pro-Iranian group in the Middle East were to lynch members of a minority sect: would HRW not make a mention of Iran, the sponsoring state in that case?  Human Rights Watch more and more reflects the biases, weaknesses, soft spots, and contradictions and lies of US foreign policy.