Sunday, June 23, 2013

A coup in Qatar?

Aljazeera broke the news of an impending meeting tomorrow between the Emir of Qatar and his family council and "those who tie and lose".  If what has been written transpires, i.e. if the Emir surrenders power to his son, it will indicate that the House of Saud has succeeded in engineering (with full US consent) a coup in Qatar.  Ever since he overthrow his father, House of Saud has categorically rejected the Emir and feuded with him (and he with them).  They consider a coup within the royal family (as if it has not happened within the House of Saud) a dangerous precedent.  And if Tamim takes over, that would signal a supremacy in the Gulf and even in the larger Arab world for the House of Saud.  There is one problem in that scenario that even the US can't resolve: that the House of Saud are themselves deeply divided.  The show has just started.