Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whoever is willing to work with Israel is secular, even House of Saud

From Adam:  "Some things are just two obvious, so an opinion piece from Fox News wouldn't normally be worth passing on, but this one quotes a guy they said is "retired Israeli Gen. Amos Yadlin". And he literrally says that most "FSA" soldiers are "secular", and that arming them, and making sure the weapons don't fall into the hands of jeeeeehaaadys, here's the quote:

"“It depends who they will arm,” Yadlin told “The rebels can be split into three groups; most of the FSA are secular Syrians -- arming them would be a positive move. There is the Muslim Brotherhood -- a medium risk group; we can still hope they will join the positive post-Assad forces."And then there’s the dangerous part, represented by the Al Nusra Front, which I hope will not be armed.”"