Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Human Rights Watch on Tripoli clashes

I have told you before that the office of Human Rights Watch in Lebanon is a mere branch propaganda office for March 14.  In fact, I am told that the office director has received an invitation by March 14 secretariat to attend some functions of March 14 but that he declined for image reasons.  Anyway, the office has released the most lame and the most morally lacking statement about the clashes in Tripoli.  Here is what you won't read in that statement: 1) it calls on the US army and security forces to deploy but does not tell readers that it is the Salafites who refuse the deployment and shoot at the army. 2) it calls on all parties to meet but does not tell readers that the Salafites and Hariri MPs have refused to meet with `Alawite representatives. 3) It does not tell you that Salafites begin the clashes every time. 4) the statement says nothing about the sectarian rhetoric and crimes that are inflicted on `Alawites of the region by Salafites and Hariri politicians.  I just wish you stayed silent.